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How does Skip work?

In a nutshell, having Skip in your venue will make your life easier and your business more efficient. It’s something that will improve and refine your internal processes, a way to know your existing customers better and a fun and effective method of generating new business. What’s not to like about that? Here’s how it works…

Your customer orders and pays online

Once a customer has set up a Skip account, they can securely order and pay via smartphone. This means no cash handling required, and no interruption from taking orders.

You receive and prepare the order

Skip gives you the option of receiving orders via tablet or wireless receipt printer. Your customer orders will come through Skip instantaneously and will let you know what time they’ll be there to pick it up. We’ll also keep track of their loyalty cards so you won’t need to. No muss, no fuss.

Your customer picks it up

Skip provides your customers details when the order comes through, so you know who’s picking up the order and what time. No queuing or standing in line involved, just satisfied customers.

You can view your daily takings at any time

Skip keeps track of all your online orders, so there’s no need to manually tally up totals at the end of the day. The ability to time travel is also provided, so you can select any date you’d like to view and we'll show you your orders and totals from that day.

We'll deposit direct to your bank each week

With Skip, you can skip the line down at the bank as well. Simply designate a bank account, and we’ll deposit your takings directly to you.

We provide you with customer insights

Skip helps you plan and grow your business with data about your customers and the marketplace. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you could be.

Flexible flow to suit your needs..

Whether you work off dockets or write the order down on the cup, Skip can work with your existing process..

Any device

You can use a mobile, tablet or computer to receive orders, Manage your stock, check order history and manage your order timing.


Printer docket

Do you have a docket based order flow? Skip can help you with print docket, which would fit to your current flow.



You can use a combination of digital and print devices. Phone/Tablet device device at counter and print at kitchen or barista.


What next? Get set go with any of the device you have, to get Skip orders.
Need a printer? request a call from us..

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How Skip helps your business

Consumers are clicking to preorder and pay apps in many areas of their lives, Skip puts your business ahead of the curve without a big upfront cost.

Skip the cash & speed up your workflow

Whether it’s interrupting your coffee-making rhythm or forcing staff to take their sandwich gloves on and off, handling cash and processing EFTPOS payments are a pain in the butt.

Let us take this pain away, and have customers pay online before they turn up at your counter. We like to keep things hassle free and hygenic, so you can too.

Plus there’s no need to count cash or receipts from Skip orders. At closing time, you can view a full summary of all items purchased through Skip for the day.

Attract more regular orders & new business

Seeing a long line at a café is a deterrent for people passing by. So Skip can help you attract new customers by reducing your queue size (without reducing any of your business!)

Plus, the app works as an ad for your café. If a Skip user is working in a new location, the app provides them with a limited pool of Skip cafés. So you can instantly become a preferred source of caffeine, toasties, sandwiches or sushi for someone who’s never visited your business before.

Skip also lets current customers do business with you more often. If they know they’ll be skipping the line, it’s just as easy to grab a coffee between meetings instead of making an instant one (*cue horrified look*) at work.

Take control of your loyalty program

When you’re dealing with hundreds of customers a day, finding and stamping all those loyalty cards can be a real time sucker. Plus it’s hard to keep track of how many free coffees or muffins you’re giving away. And then there’s the odd shady customer who finds a way to cheat the system.

Skip fixes all that.

By managing your loyalty program online, Skip frees up your time and makes it easy to monitor the rewards you’re giving customers.

What's Skip going to cost me?

Flexible pricing that suits your needs.
Prices beginning from a large cup of coffee.
Simplicity without hidden fees or risk.

Orders received through Skip per week

Weekly Fee + % of Revenue Earnt Through Skip (Incl. GST)

You receive 0 - 2 orders per week

Skip costs you nothing!

You receive 3 - 100 orders per week

$4.40 per week + 2.975% of revenue earnt through Skip

You receive 101 - 250 orders per week

$8.80 per week + 2.75% of revenue earnt through Skip

You receive 250+ orders per week

$13.20 per week + 2.475% of revenue earnt through Skip

As easy as 1-2...

The Skip team has worked hard to make signing up easy!

To register, you will need the following details on hand

Your product pricelist

Unless you're going to give away your products for free on Skip


Your bank details

The account you'd like your Skip revenue deposited into.


Your logo (optional)

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